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Linley Fall Processor Conference

Hyatt Regency, Santa Clara, CA

Chief Development Officer Anil Mankar presents “Introducing Akida: An Event-Based Processor” at 2 p.m. October 24 as part of the event’s session: AI at the Edge. Mankar’s presentation will introduce Akida, an event-based reconfigurable multicore neural-network processor. Akida processes data in the form of spikes, which have a temporal and spatial distribution. Power is consumed only when spikes are processed. The device can run inference for standard convolutional neural networks trained with back-propagation in an event-driven environment. The same device can also use on-chip learning methods to run training and classification for native spiking neural networks, reducing power and memory requirements in edge IoT devices.

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Perth Machine Learning Group Meetup

Tank Stream Labs, Ernst and Young Building Level 5 in Perth

Engineer Australia event

Engineers Australia WA, Auditorium in West Perth

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