BrainChip Holdings Ltd. BrainChip Holdings Ltd.

BrainChip develops accelerated artificial intelligence and machine learning software and hardware. We have commercialized spiking neural networks, a type of neuromorphic computing which simulates the functionality of the human brain.

About BrainChip's technology

Forensic Object Search and Facial Classification

BrainChip Studio and BrainChip Accelerator are video analytics solutions that aids law enforcement and intelligence organizations to rapidly search vast amounts of video footage for identifying objects or faces. About BrainChip Studio and BrainChip Accelerator

Experienced Innovators

Our team is comprised of innovators with experience in building disruptive technologies and diverse revenue models.

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Multiple Applications

Because of its low compute overhead, BrainChip's spiking neural network technology can operate in software-only x86 environments as well as hardware-accelerated platforms.

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