BrainChip Holdings Ltd. BrainChip Holdings Ltd.

A revolutionary technology that learns autonomously, just like the human brain. BrainChip’s SNAP technology has demonstrated Unsupervised Learning and is market ready.

SNAP is extremely fast, completely digital and consumes very low power, making it feasible to integrate large networks into portable battery-operated products for the first time.

What Is Snap?

Multiple Market Applications

SNAP is a core enabling technology in Neuromorphic semiconductor chips that possesses numerous potential applications.

Market Applications

Experienced Innovators

Our team is comprised of innovators with experience in building disruptive technologies and diverse revenue models.

Meet The Team

An Intellectual Property Supplier

SNAP is designed to be licensed and incorporated into our partners’ technology to create smart, energy-efficient chips.

Licensing Strategy

Stock Information

BrainChip Holdings Ltd. ASX.BRN
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52 Week Low/High

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