An Intellectual Property Supplier

We are creating value by becoming an intellectual property (IP) supplier to a network of partners that include leading semiconductor companies. We expect our partners to incorporate our designs alongside their own technology to create smart, energy-efficient chips.

Patent status

We are the first company to file a digital neuromorphic chip patent, in 2008. Our patent citations are currently accelerating, which is a leading indicator that the market need for our technology is growing.

We have 1 patent granted for Autonomous Learning Dynamic Artificial Neural Computing Device and Brain Inspired System, and 5 patents currently pending.

A cost effective R&D solution

We design technology that would be difficult and expensive for our proposed partners’ R&D teams to develop for themselves. It’s likely to be more cost effective for our proposed partners to license our technology than to develop it internally. The design of a processor or a library of physical IP requires a large amount of R&D investment and expertise.

We also charge a once off Non-Recurring Engineering (NRE) fee to research, design, develop and test new products.