More well known applications for our technology are in speech recognition, speaker recognition, and extraction of speech and sound from a noisy background. Other experiments show that the devices can also be successfully applied in applications such as visual image recognition, robotics and autonomous learning machines used in exploration and unmanned vehicles.

A Large Addressable Market

The advantages of using a Spiking Neuron Adaptive Processing (SNAP) device over a traditional programmed device are a shorter development path, faster response times, better quality recognition, persistent learning after the initial commission of the system and the re-usability of training models.

Neuromorphic chips have multiple potential end market applications:

Smart Phone

Smart Phone technology applications use unique voice and image identification capabilities to give the user a far greater interactive experience than ever before. These high volume applications, when development is completed, are expected to be licensed and generate royalties from leading smartphone chip manufacturers and will be used in smartphones, smart television sets and tablets. 

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is a term used to describe the network of objects and people to the Internet. ABI research (ABI) estimates there will be 30 billion devices connected to the Internet of Things by 2020. Applications for the IoT devices are broad and include environmental monitoring, manufacturing, energy management and many more. The estimated value of the IoT sector according to Cisco is $14.6 trillion.

Robotic Technology

Hardware that is designed to interact with users visually and aurally could give the user an interactive experience which would be adapted for the individual and give a different and unique experience every time. Toys would be a good example of this application and as an added value, safety warning systems could also be built into the toys.

Future expansion on our range of applications

Our team has developed further interest for a more diverse range of applications from sectors including:

  • Gaming
  • Driverless vehicles
  • Drones and air transport
  • Security and cyber security
  • Speech and image recognition
  • Biotech/biomed/brain emulation
  • Eye and ear implants, prostheses
  • Stock market forecasting

Limitless Application Possibilities

Our SNAP technology is not application specific, but a core enabling technology in Neuromorphic semiconductor chips. It is configurable and scalable to any Spiking Neural Network (SNN) and can accelerate neural computations needed for any kind of data/sensor processing. SNAP based neuromorphic chips can be used in nearly any embedded system that requires pattern recognition or Autonomous Features Extraction (AFE) locally without having to go to cloud-based computations. Such systems represent a massive and unlimited potential market, with applications in Smartphones, Internet of Things (IoT), machine to machine (M2M), robotics, gaming, driverless vehicles, drones and air transportation among others.